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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is one of many approaches that add additional methods of authenticating your Online Banking account beyond using a Netteller ID and password.

How MFA works

Netteller customers establish information that will later be used to help demonstrate they are authorized to access the Netteller Online Banking system.

  • The customer will select three questions from a wide variety of options, and then provide the answers to those questions.
  • The customer will choose a watermark image that will be present each time they login to Netteller.The watermark is a security measure to help ensure that the customer is, in fact, on the Banks website.

My Netteller login page

Note: First time users will see a placeholder image. Selection of the watermark image will be made after the password has been entered. Returning users should not continue with the login if the image is not the image chosen at account creation.

Personal Icon

First time users will browse the watermarks using the Prev and Next buttons, click on the desired image and click Submit. From then on, the user will see the selected image on the bottom of each screen in Netteller. Watermark images can be changed any time by the customer in the Options tab within Netteller.

Note: You may not be prompted for security questions or the watermark selection at your first login to Netteller. Typically, after a collection process which monitors your login patterns, you will then be prompted for your challenge questions.

The system will track your login patterns and if a change is seen then you will be prompted for your challenge questions.

Challenge question

The Customer will answer the questions and the Netteller session will continue.

If a customer responds incorrectly an error message will display. Customers have a total of three chances to correctly answer the challenge questions. After three invalid attempts, the user is blocked from the device where the failed authentication occurred.

Blocked user

If you are blocked from the system you will need to contact the Bank at 815-756-1444, and they will take the necessary steps to unblock the user.

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