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Personal Savings Accounts

  Quarterly Savings Money Market Holiday Club
Benefits Low minimum balance requirement—transaction fees waived when $500 minimum daily balance is maintained. Competitive interest—liquid account Automatic fund transfers make it easy to save towards a goal.
Earns Interest YES YES YES
Free Transactions Available 6 withdrawals per statement cycle. 3 debits allowed per statement cycle to 3rd parties. Up to 6 total transactions per statement cycle. 1 withdrawal per year.
Online Banking and eStatements FREE FREE FREE
Minimum Opening Amount $50 $2,500 $2
How to Qualify Maintain minimum balance of $50 to avoid service fee. Maintain balance of $2500
to avoid $10 service fee.


Planning for tomorrow is an important part of living today! American Midwest Bank can help you meet your savings goals with a full range of options from traditional savings accounts to certificates of deposit.

Day-to-day life can make it hard to plan for the future. Savings choices help make it easier to save for the future. To help you decide which account is best for your needs, you'll want to consider the following questions:

  • How much money do you want to save?
  • How important is it for you to have access to funds?
  • When will you need access to your savings?
  • Do you have other savings in place? If so, how would you like this to fit in with your overall savings strategy?
  • Automatic transfers — save automatically by having money transferred regularly from your checking to your savings account.

It's never too late, or too early, to save for the future.

Quarterly Savings Account

A statement savings account is a convenient way to build your savings by earning quarterly interest at competitive rates. With a low required minimum balance and no monthly service charge (as long as required minimum balance is met), saving money couldn't be easier!

Minimum to open account is $50.

Minimum Daily Balance Requirement
Withdrawal Charge
$50 — If below minimum, $5 per quarter fee. The quarterly fee is waived for minor accounts.
Up to six withdrawals per quarter.** Excess withdrawal fee is $2.00 per transaction. This fee is waived when a minimum daily balance of $500.00 is maintained for the entire statement cycle.
Variable rate of interest accrues on all daily balances and is compounded quarterly.
All transactions are recorded in quarterly statements.

Money Market

A Money Market account offers the ultimate in priority savings rates from American Midwest Bank. You pay no monthly service fee with a required minimum balance, and earn high monthly interest at tiered rates.

Minimum to open account is $2,500.

Minimum Daily Balance Requirement
Withdrawal Charge
$2,500 — If minimum balance requirement is not met, a service charge of $10 applies
Six transfers are permitted per month (three of which can be checks).** Excess transfers or checks: $6 each
Variable rate of interest accrues on all daily balances and is compounded monthly.
All transactions are recorded in monthly statements.

** Important Notice: Federal regulation limits the number of withdrawals and/or transfers that may be made from a savings account by telephone/PC transfer, preauthorized transfer, check or debit card. You are limited to six withdrawals and/or transfers from your savings account each monthly statement cycle by preauthorized transfer, or telephone/PC transfer (including bill payments). And, if the account permits transfers by check or debit card, no more than three of the six limited transfers may be by check or debit card.

Holiday and Vacation Clubs

  • An easy way to save for holiday expenses or any other future occasion!
  • Automatic deposits designed to fit your needs.
  • Withdrawals only at maturity.
  • Automatic transfer to the account of your choosing at maturity.
  • Interest is compounded and credited to your account at maturity.
  • Accrued interest will not be paid if account is closed before the maturity date.

CD Rates

View our for certificate rates.

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