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Investment Management Services

What is this?

This specialty service involves the design, implementation, and monitoring of a portfolio of investments by our Trust Division.  At first glance, this service may seem valuable only to those with a very high net worth.  However, we believe that our client-centric strategies can help customers with investable assets as low as $50,000.  This could include IRA monies, qualified plan rollovers, taxable investment accounts, or even monthly or periodic dollar-averaging strategies that build savings & wealth over time.

What is the objective?

Investment management is the discipline of building and monitoring an investment portfolio to help a customer meet one or more future financial goals.  This can include the very long-term (such as retirement), or intermediate goals such as saving for a home purchase, paying for all or a portion of higher education expenses, or funding a particular dream (a hobby, a new career, a second home).

We help you design a portfolio that accommodates a number of important financial factors, including:

  • Your liquidity needs (emergency funds, short-term goals)
  • Your current insurance plans (health, life, long-term care, disability)
  • Your views about, and tolerances for, riskier investments
  • Your current and future cash flows and savings patterns
  • Your tax situation, now and in the future
  • Your desire to leave an estate to one or more beneficiaries
  • Your current estate/trust planning

Is This for Me?

It might be.  Investment management services from our Trust Division are most suitable for the following customers: 

  • Those that are seeking the guidance of an advisor to grow wealth and manage risk
  • Those that want access to capital market investments (mutual funds, stocks, bonds) but don’t wish to navigate the process on their own
  • Those that want to consolidate IRA and qualified plan investments into a single account for ease of investment strategy
  • Those that want to create a holistic investment plan to achieve future goals, while accommodating many of the important financial factors listed above

In short, our Trust Division could be a very good fit for your investment needs, especially if you do not have the time, ability, or inclination to do this work on your own.

Why Our Trust Division?

It is true that there are many types of financial advisors that are available to customers today.  We believe our Trust Division should be your choice for the following reasons:

  • We practice the fiduciary process of putting our clients’ interests first when making any type of financial recommendation.
  • We price our services so that they are transparent to our clients, and so that they represent fair value for the skill and service that we are giving to them.
  • We provide a written investment plan so that you can see the strategy we favor and see the investments that we believe would be effective for achieving your goals.
  • We provide periodic statements, tax documents, and reviews to ensure that you are informed about your portfolio and know that we are monitoring it as agreed.
  • We meet with you periodically to discuss your portfolio, and also to discuss changes in your financial life, help educate you regarding the economic climate, and inform you of important issues in investments, taxes, and planning strategies.

How Do I…?

Simply call us at (815) 787-2244 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.  At this session, you can learn about how we do business, what services we offer, how we price those services, and whether you feel that we are a good fit for your needs.  We in turn can learn more about you and how we can help you. 

Thank you for reading about our Trust Division, and we look forward to an opportunity to assist you!

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